You Can’t Solve a Problem With The Thinking That Created It

The title is a horrid failure to correctly quote Einstien’s words but it still carries exactly the right meaning (for me at least – read on)

In confirmation of which the picture here shows perspective DOES  matter. In many of our day to day activities perspective is the words we choose. It may seem possible to achieve “clear communications” but that phase is an oxymoron like yesterday news.

What do you mean its a Square – Are you Blind?  or Stupid!? Ahha your Dishonest, trying to make a fool out of me.

The words I use when heard or read by you do not create the same thoughts so we communicate with lots lost and lots created in the exchange.

No wnoder prjoects are so hrad to deilevr, but look how rseiliant ppeloe’s abtliiy to raed wrdos is! We can raed but we reraly unredsatnd. Wouldn’t you and your organisation find it wonderful, and valuable to have responses to the pressures of change that are more equal to the growing challenges of rate of change and rate of opportunity emergence than common “best practice” provide?


LogicalModel Ltd.’s (lml) training and mentoring is a new generation of thinking about the organisation’s balance between Run the Organisation and Change the Organisation. We have tools for creating and cascading vision, framework for right-placing of decisions, integration that leverages your existing investments in ISO 21500/ PMBoK and PRINCE2/ MSP and in-house gated governance structures, communications paths that promote emergence when its called for and emphasis performance to expectations when the time for emergence is not today.

We are able to run exam prep but that is not where real business value is built. Real value is in broader perspective that spans the organisation from top to bottom and the initiative from idea to benefit flow.

#lmlCtO describes how a flexible approach within structured steps plus matched tools and techniques span the decision making landscape from Board-Room to Boiler-Room™.

Joined-up thinking from board-room 2 boiler-room and back again.