What is #pm_ngt?

What is #pm_ngt

#pm_ngt is ‘Project Management: New Generation Thinking’. It is the result of asking and answering “What would increase project management’s success rate?”

A new generation of project management thinkers is all around us. #pm_ngt integrates their thinking triggered by the obvious failures of yesterday’s state-of-te-art when used today.

#pm_ngt helps organizations improve the state of the art in managing project based change; everyone involve in change can benefit from #pm_ngt.

3 Differences

#pm_ngt has three specific differences over traditional project management approaches:

  1. FIRST) a time-frame that starts with “idea” and runs through “project” to resumption of business as usual in a new stable state, end2end™
  2. SECOND) a tangible means to communicate intent from the top of the organisation’s hierarchy to the bottom and escalate complications revealed in the details back for decision making. The Decision Making Architecture is an iterative feedback loop. BoardRoom2BoilerRoom™
  3. THIRD) help for people to navigate change’s non-negotiable arrival and the inevitable and often unwanted impacts. Socialisation

This is a new generation of project management thinking and we refer to it as Project Management: New Generation Thinking (#pm_ngt)

Cherry Picking

We’ve constructed #pm_ngt by cherry-picking and integrating the ‘common-sense’ elements from Isochron’s Dimension Four®, from PRINCE2®, from the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, from Complex Adaptive Systems as applied to business systems, from Agile, Lean and Six Sigma and everywhere else great and relevant tools help. #pm_ngt adds mind-set, adds resolution of gaps and differences to achieve integration and adds the 9 elements of framework (The three layers of Direct Manage Deliver times the three timefames of Define, Develop, Deploy)

Non_Exam PM Knowledge

Organisations seek what is valuable. Any framework & tool-set matched to a commercial context must discarding exam driven nonsense. In a business (and Government) context these atrefacts add cost with little or no benefit. Focus on real-world issues results in a concrete and holistic set of  techniques and a philosophy of guided, flexible implementation that is relevant2reality™

Next week we will post an overview of the proven techniques we assimilate and how the whole fits together to be an advancement in the Project Management State of the art.

Logical Model provides B2B training in project based change & B2C in PRINCE2 & PMP exams. Our B2-B training and mentoring in #pm_ngt explains the flexible approach and structured steps plus matched tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ investment time-line and top2bottom™ span of decision making within all corporate change.
#pm_ngt has a pragmatic, non-exam focus on value to the business’ shareholders
#pm_ngt‘s key differentiators are:
1) Projects must work to and from the investor’s time-line – that means right to left planning of strategy, left to right planning of tactics and integration of the two and it means ‘deliver the value’ not ‘follow the process’.
2) Management must delegate and escalate with understanding of what both are – that means cascade goal + constraint + authority + a helping hand + resources, it means receiving and acting on escalations – Read more here
3) Use well know standards pragmatically – It means set-aside exam stupidities and use the tools and techniques of D4(r) to define the future_state_Business_As_Usual (fsBAU), use PRINCE2(r) to create a control structure for decision making and use PMBoK Guide(r) tools & techniques to build baselines, monitor performance and respond to achievements, problems, issues and risks
To find out how to tailor a delivery for your organisation’s needs contact pm_ngt@logicalmodel-dot-net or call +44 (0) 84 52 57 57 07 and look here



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