The Master-Class in Managing Project Quality

The Master-Class in Managing Project Quality

‘Better than asked’ for is often the Customer’s ‘excite and delight’ factor while “what you said” is all the supplier can promise. This course explains why most organisations find project quality an (unnecessarily) difficult topic. By the end of the course you will know how to talk about quality and be equipped with tools to manage it much more easily and happily.

Done right Quality is exciting! However it is done Quality is a vital topic for projects to get right. So why does the topic’s name invoke so much negative baggage? Is it from visions of mediocre employees sidelined in a dead-end where they are out of the way?.
The more your project team comprehends how to combine pride-in-a-good-job with good-enough-for-the-contract then

1) the sooner your projects will be too time and budget

2) the sooner the customer will be excited and delighted by results achieved and

3) the sooner you get promoted!.

This course explains the slippery topic of quality with insights that will help every project participant understand and even enjoy the responsibilities they have .

You Will Learn To

  • Appreciate that customer and supplier have different perspectives, Define quality from both perspectives.
  • Recognise how quality is intertwined through product and project life-cycles. Be able to use tools of quality control throughout the both lifecycles. Gauge product maturity through the use of verification and validation techniques for safe project progress assessment.
  • Define quality participants, their accountabilities, responsibilities and the Quality Management System to achieve desired results.
  • Specify and deliver against project quality criteria.
  • Establish a Project Quality Plan, select relevant Quality Standards and plan quality into your project activities, budgets and schedules.
  • Draw-up Quality Control and Quality Assurance activities by setting-up or drawing from the Corporate Quality Function’s project related roles, templates, processes and techniques.
  • Conduct quality reviews within project validation and verification activities.


  • Standard Full Course 2 Days (Other formats available)
    0900 to 1630 formal class hours 1st day (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted), 1530 finish on 2nd day.

Course Benefits

This course provides the insight that turns quality from drudge to valuable (and interesting) element of project.
Philip Crosby famously declared “Quality is Free”: he understated it: Quality isn’t a non-cost – it has a real positive pay-back. Find-out how to benefit from the pride-in-a-good-job for the team and the excited and delighted response from the customer.

  • Know how to create a quality control regime within a project that will be competent to specify quality and deliver quality.
  • Know how to define acceptance criteria and create and then track a project plan that will deliver required quality levels.
  • Enables Business cases to reflect true cost and benefits relationships.

Who Should Attend

  • All those involved in Project or quality assurance.
  • Anyone involved in the creation of testing strategies or definition of acceptance criteria.
  • Everyone with involvement in creating project plans or tracking project progress.

Content & Workshops

  • Lesson 1: Project Quality Management? What is it?
  • Lesson 2: Step/ Check/ Step/…Lifecycles
  • Lesson 3: PMBOK Tools & Techniques of Quality
  • Lesson 4: Building Product Quality into Project Plans
  • Lesson 5: V & V (Validation & Verification)
  • Lesson 6: Using Quality Control Results for Progress Tracking
  • Lesson 7: Who Has What Quality Accountabilities?
  • Lesson 8: Building The QMS, Creating the QMS

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