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Mission Vision and Values

  This is an attempt at delivering the most ‘bang’ in the fewest words. There are a million and one ways to define Mission,  Values and Vision. Mostly M, V & V leave people disengaged, confused, un-helped; that’s a real travesty. A major failing because they are important CONCEPTs that align effort on achievement. Forget […]

Foundations of Project Based Change: Episodes

A project is a block of work. So too is a programme (or program) and a work-package and an activity and a phase and a stage and a control account and a task A “Block of work” in #pm_ngt vocabulary is an “episode”. A definition we gain by using Dimension Four for defining benefits. Episodes Every episode […]

#pm_ngt-005 1st Principle – Investor’s timeline (end2end™)

#pm_ngt-005 – First generation project management often starts with the explicit demand that the goal is well defined and ends with delivery of products. Great for suppliers who want to be provable “done” so they can submit their invoice, be paid without dispute and move on. However this demand for clarity is not the reality […]

Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration

Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration between people with different skills, duties, jargon, pressures and personalities. Development of skills in managing change is best achieved by training that is integrated but different in focus for those with strategic accountabilities, those with day2day management responsibilities and those with technical and operational skills. Encapsulated in the […]

Pm_ngt-002 Adds tools and a benefits oriented mindset

#pm_ngt-002 – “Old thinking” has powerful tools but it lacks the mindset and vocabulary to model benefits, handle people’s emotional reaction to change or actively ensure achievement of benefits. Benefit assessment is a much harder topic than cost determination; benefits defy the easy and simple reduction to money that project cost baselines submit to. Benefits […]