For many years our company motto has been, ‘Bringing common sense to the seemingly irrational world of people, projects and therefore politics’. Alongside that, our mission continues to be, ‘to improve the state of the art in project management’. But project is wrong in both cases. Our concern is ‘the whole need’.

Project is such a small part of the real concern.

The whole need is to cope with the irresistible forces of change that push or entice us in and out of stable, profitable operational equilibrium, create the politics and appear irrational. Guidance covering the ‘whole need’ is covered in our  SoopToNuts bundle.

Simon's Model for Cause and Effect in Simple to Complex to Chaotic

Simon’s Model for Cause and Effect in Simple to Complex to Chaotic

Saying ‘Seemingly irrational’ and ‘common-sense’ are attempts to make it clear that how people act is explainable if we have the right cause-and-effect insight, the right view-point and we take a holistic perspective. Once the links are explained then, with hindsight, the ‘irrational’ actions we’ve seen people take become ‘obvious common sense’. Before knowing the cause-effect links; when we just have the observed facts we often find the patterns and relationships are hard to see. Without the patterns planning a path to a new future is impossible. A project is a prescribed collection of patterns of action -by people- that are aimed at a target future world. With a guide to provide the explanations, then possibilities that were previously un-observable and targets whose reach is only by serendipity become easily envisioned and more reliably realisable.

Improving the ‘State-Of-Art’ is Being Investor Aware In Roles Like PMO and Project and Program Manager

Our #SOOPs or Simon’s Observations on Projects, are the distillations of thought about all things Change the Organisation that intermix with Run the Organisation (CtO-RtO). SOOP capture and are the attempt to share those obvious with hindsight but tough to discover on your own nuggets so that YOUR capability is improved.

#SOOP are intended to share observations that are free of the artificial boundaries created by project management textbook writers who say things like, “a project has a clear start and clear end.” We want to debunk the textbooks because they are not correct for the investor who takes the risk even if they are aspirational for the development contractor who wants an easy way to arrive at presenting an invoice for payment.

#SOOP are inclusive of From boardroom to boiler-room™ – Hierarchy of governance and From idea to steady-state-benefits flow™.

That’s top-to-bottom and end-to-end, it’s A-Z, Alpha to Omega or, to use another phrase, it is #SOOPtoNuts.


Our SOOP are derived from, expanded on and fully explained in How-to terms in our training materials. Training that covers the length and breadth of the CtO-RtO cycle – much broader and deeper than textbook exam oriented project management. But even the textbook ‘investor’s-irrationality’ has a reason through the eyes of the ‘need to be qualified to get a job’ practitioner. So courses are mostly real-world but also include credential driven contents – and the WHOLE lot is bundled as one very low-cost monthly subscription at #SoopTooNuts