#SOOP-3 #pm_ngt Projects are how people create change to status quo & enable return on the effort expended

#SOOP-3 #pm_ngt Projects are how people create change to status quo & enable return on the effort expended

Projects are entirely anthropormorphic – I.E. people based and the only reason people run projects is to change the world. A project is a system (complex and adaptive) whose purpose is to change its containing system.

Strangely (well actually obviously if you consult soop-2) project management says nothing about how business can/ should define business goals – just that they must, nothing about how to define or estimate benefits to be generated – just that they are required for DCFs and NPVs, nothing much about all the squidgy discomfort that change unleashes on those left after the project has gone – just at best that we need to win hearts and minds.

To improve PM needs a new approach to projects that is #pm_ngt.


#pm_ngt Is an integration of best-of-breed solutions such as PMBoK Guide® and PRINCE2® and Dimension Four®

#pm_ngt Builds on your existing investment in pm training, it integrates, fills the gaps & links to your mission & values

#pm_ngt Helps the board develop and maintain a vision, translate vision to strategy, to tactics, to outputs, to outcomes, to benefits

#pm_ngt Isn’t (just) project management its an investment regime for the management of change based benefits delivery

#pm_ngt Is a collection of tools and procedures within a defined but loosely enforced framework that together handle the initiation, conduct and bedding-down of change; From Idea to Returns, the end to end investment cycle.

Successful change requires support of activity from top 2 bottom of the management hierarchy  and from end 2 end of an investment’s timeline. #pm_ngt provides conceptual foundations, vocabulary, roles, tools, technques and framework that span needs from Board-Room 2 Boiler-Room™

#pm_ngt is a product set of business leadership and project management tools that provide governance over equity. #pmngt’s acid test is “is this relevant 2 reality?” it is not an exercise in exam based ‘cram and forget’ cv building. #pmngt training coaches each layer of management in how to interact with the layers below and above to facilitate sound decision making



#SOOP are Simon’s Observations on Projects – –  Each one is flows from the observation that gaining skills in delivering projects is like making soup


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