#SOOP-1 #pmngt  A project is a decision making architecture #pmot

#SOOP-1 #pmngt  A project is a decision making architecture #pmot

The purpose of a project is to enable a return on investment by pursuing an opportunity or avoiding a threat. A project consumes an investment to change the current status quo or alter change that would otherwise occur. We deliver projects by taking actions that we posit will create a desired outcome. For every cause we trigger the list of outcomes (plural) is more or less what we intended but rarely if ever exactly what we either intended or needed.

The upshot is projects MUST be managed, at least in part re-actively – reactive means “act on the basis of a trigger”, which means observe, reflect, synthesis or analyse, hypothesis, act, observe, reflect…

What we create when we put a successful project together is a ‘mechanism’ or ‘architecture’ for making decisions that establishes unconcious competence across a team with a baseline and then responds situationally to current context with reference to a goal.

You could call this “agile” and in part it is but it isn’t hype, it isn’t the whole solution and it isn’t a new silver bullet. Projects do not perform well in the real, commercial world for several reasons one of which is how we train people in project management. To improve PM needs a new approach to projects that is #pm_ngt.


#pm_ngt Is an integration of best-of-breed solutions such as PMBoK Guide® and PRINCE2® and Dimension Four®

#pm_ngt Builds on your existing investment in pm training, it integrates, fills the gaps & links to your mission & values

#pm_ngt Helps the board develop and maintain a vision, translate vision to strategy, to tactics, to outputs, to outcomes, to benefits

#pm_ngt Isn’t (just) project management its an investment regime for the management of change based benefits delivery

#pm_ngt Is a collection of tools and procedures within a defined but loosely enforced framework that together handle the initiation, conduct and bedding-down of change; From Idea to Returns, the end to end investment cycle.

Successful change requires support of activity from top 2 bottom of the management hierarchy  and from end 2 end of an investment’s timeline. #pm_ngt provides conceptual foundations, vocabulary, roles, tools, technques and framework that span needs from Board-Room 2 Boiler-Room™

#pm_ngt is a product set of business leadership and project management tools that provide governance over equity. #pmngt’s acid test is “is this relevant 2 reality?” it is not an exercise in exam based ‘cram and forget’ cv building. #pmngt training coaches each layer of management in how to interact with the layers below and above to facilitate sound decision making



#SOOP are Simon’s Observations on Projects
Each one flows from the observation that gaining skills in delivering projects is like making soup  


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