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Project Manager Today

Published by the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management – ASAPM (asapm home) Now IPMA-USA

Girls Guide TO PM

StrategyExecution – Formally 2080 formally ESI Blog

  • Various articles at this url (New-page) so far covering
    • A beginners guide to creating schedule etc
    • What is/ How do you do Portfolio Management
    • Some perils of Lean 6 Sigma in a project context
    • Assessing and rescuing (or killing) troubled projects
    • Virtual working
    • PRINCE or Agile – Which is right? (Hint both are great)
    • Prepping for the PMI PMP
    • The 6 “W” Questions
    • Programme vs Project management
    • Wicked problems and complex projects
    • Creating a better pm solution by merging prince, pmbok-g and agile
    • 5 minute explanation of prince2
    • A view of the role of the PMO

The Guardian Project Management supplement

  • Guardian Article Final – Methods Madness – Pragmatic common sense is more important that exam passes and anyone can use a little common sense can successfully deliver projects

The Simon’s Observations on Project’s Series – #soop

Free white-paper articles (pdf) that you can use to brief the boss, the team, the customer, whoever on aspects of PM. #Soops are inspired by how making soup parallels use of structured methods and listed in the soops list.

  • SOOP LML Simple PM – An explanation of the basic bureaucracy free ‘must do’ steps written without the use of jargon
  • SOOP LML Complex Projects – Musings on how knowledge of Complexity and nature and evolution helps being pragmatic and successful in the deliver of projects
  • SOOP LML Scope is Quality – explanation of the collision of Scope and Quality in projects. Both have two definitions: Scope is ‘what the customer wants’ and ‘what the team must do’ while Quality is Fitness for Purpose and Conformance to specification. This paper links Customer’s and Supplier’s view points via the use of the Product Breakdown Structure and the Work Breakdown Structure


  • #EarnedValue – MISUNDERSTOOD -#Grok the name grok many of the challenges of managing projects. Understanding #EVM‘s name requires sound appreciation of determining fair view of project status #BurnChart #ProjectStatus #ProjectControls #SOOP #lmlCtO
  • Only Some PMO should get involved in strategy -Another LI article:  Only SOME #pmo should get involved with #Strategy. Others are right and properly valuable as compilers of reporting data  #SOOP #lmlCtO #pmot


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