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Buy the PRINCE2-Agile® manual from us at a handy discount.

Price depends on where/ how you want it shipped. This price includes the ‘basic’ shipping. If you anything more elaborate then mail-me first!

Send us an eMail with this link: Hey Simon Can you Mail my manual to This Address Pls

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The AXELOS Official P2A manual – 342 pages. List price £99.

TSO changed trade discount and started charging for delivery.
The current price covers basic DHL (48hr) to UK addresses. Ping me if you need something else.
Note DHL international express *adds* about 60£!

An e-Book is available ‘instantly’ and is admissible to exams between April and Sept 2020 BUT it is enabled to ONLY display with Adobe Digital Editions reader (which you can download for free) so DRM is enforced. NOTE eBook currently attract VAT (of 19.80 in the UK – which ceases soon – and will vary across Europe and isn’t relevant everywhere)

Our p2a course Revision-Aids carefully summarise, quiz and reinforce the exam content and so are fully adequate for the foundation exam
(Note we no longer book exams – to do that we have to agree NOT to sell p2a training without an exam – which IMHO is immoral – So we give away the training and don’t sell exams anymore. You’ll have to book the exam (at a higher price than we would have charged direct w/ peoplecert)

The manual is the only resource you are allowed to take into the Practitioner exam. The manual you take into the exam may contain handwritten notes written directly onto the pages of the manual (nothing may be stuck/stapled/added except ‘tabs’ to denote the sections). The manual has 100 entirely blank pages and 90 0dd mostly blank (hmm 342 – 190 = 150 pages of real info!)

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