PRINCE2-Agile® Official Manual

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Buy the PRINCE2-Agile® manual from us at a handy discount.

The price depends on where you want it shipped and if you’d like any-other titles from TSO (See List Here) at the same time. The £69 price is a single copy delivered to the UK.

If you’re outside the UK or want other books use the link below to tell me what you want BEFORE placing the order. I’ll set-up a correct price for your needs.

Send us an eMail with this link: Hey Simon Can you Mail my manual to This Address Pls

If you want JUST a P2A manual sent to a UK address then you can safely place the order and send the delivery address details now. If in doubt eMail first 🙂


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The AXELOS Official P2A manual – 342 pages. List price £99, best I’ve seen on Amazon is £77, here £69 for UK delivery

Our p2a course Revision-Aids carefully summarise, quiz and reinforce the exam content and so a fully adequate for the foundation exam

The manual is the only resource you are allowed to take into the Practitioner exam. The manual you take into the exam may contain handwritten notes written directly onto the pages of the manual (nothing may be stuck/stapled/added except ‘tabs’ to denote the sections). The manual has 100 entirely blank pages and 90 0dd mostly blank.

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