PMP Exam Prep Overview

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The PMBoK-Guide does have a narrative story IF you can isolate it. So many training courses don’t and then your exam prep is a slog to memorise and hard to use later-on in real life after your exam.

Well I have isolated the story for you. Here it is presented from three perspective in 45 minutes.

Repetition is a great learning aid.
This video is a good way to both start and end your exam preparation.
Before reading the PMBoK-G it will contextualise and afterwards it will summarise.

BUT! It’s a Complete Free Course?

Why is it free? Can it be any good then?

Its isn’t a complete exam prep course. That is a lot longer. But it is a COMPLETE overview.
It is free because I’d like you to be deciding to make the ‘bigger-purchase, (our full PMP Exam Preparation materials)’ with full confidence that what you get is great value for money.

As for how much good? It is free to access. No risk for you to take a look and make your own evaluation.



An explanation of The Whole PMBoK-Guide from three perspectives in 45minutes

Who Should Review This Short Overview?

  • Everyone looking for the BEST course materials available [[ AND the least expensive route to qualification that is available anywhere – need to check]]
  • Anyone wishing to understand the tools and techniques of plan creation and progress assessment.

Includes a link to a free revision aid and sample materials

Pre Reqs

  • 3,500 to 7,500 hrs of auditable, real-world experience
  • 35hrs study hours (our full course)