FREE Project (Or Business) Risk Management Course

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Why is it free? Can’t be much good then!

Its free because it is the animated slides and the valuable bit is the instructor’s narrations, the exercises and discussions. Its free because I’d like you to be deciding to make the ‘big-purchase’ with full confidence that what you get is great value for money.

As for how much good? It is free to access. No risk for you look and make your own evaluation.


A Complete Risk Management Training Course

  • “Shit happens!” and
    • a project plan/ project manager is not excused from remaining in control and on track for successful delivery.
  • Equally projects are full of happy accidents, tasks routinely finish ahead of estimates.
    • Project managers should be equipped to consolidate opportunity.
  • Handling threat and opportunity is both a simple systematic process and
    • a complex exercise in people’s perceptions, preferences and tolerances,
    • individually and with group-wide influences
  • This course teaches how to combine project planning and tracking with risk management of threat and opportunity.
  • Attendees learn tools & techniques for use in each of the steps of the risk management cycle that improve the team’s ability to identify & analyse risks, propose, select and implement risk responses.

You Will Learn To

  • Create a culture of awareness of the nature of risk and all our roles in capitalising on it for advantage
  • Identify, analyse and manage risks.
  • Cope when threats become issues and develop opportunity into benefits
  • Include provision for threat and opportunity into baselines.
  • Give back unused contingency (1/2 the time?) or
    • request more, with meaningful justifications (1 time in 5?).
  • Assess, articulate and respond to risk clearly and transparently,
    • assign risk responsibilities and decision making where it belongs to enable the organisation to handle risk effectively at every level and all staff member roles.

Who Should Attend

  • All staff
  • Any project participant or Project Office staff member with project assurance responsibilities.
  • Project managers and team leaders identifying, assessing, responding and reporting on risks.
  • Project sponsor and ownership community charged with balancing investment threat with reward opportunity, Risk owners and those who suffer the pain of threats that occur.

Formats & Options

  • Available as eLearning, Instructor led class-room delivery and white-label LMS contents
  • 3d Recommended for class-room delivery at ‘practitioner’ level (B-2-B Classroom delivery is tailored with contents and delivery modes available to suit client needs.)
  • Formats from 1/2 day to 5 day, also blended learning and in modules spread over a longer elapsed time-frame – E.G. Overview for those involved in projects 1 day,
  • Refresher for previous PM training attendees 1 day,
  • Skimming the surface for those in a hurry 2 days.
  • Tailored formats and duration achieved by balancing topics included, depth, and exercises included