Success @ PRINCE2® 2009 Exams; Everything You Need To Study

£199.00 plus VAT if applicable

Complete access to the Full Course Materials for £199 minus a 100% discount if you book an Exam – You do the maths!


The best, complete, accredited* Instructor Supported PRINCE2 exam preparation course BAR NONE!

Endless access (None of this 7 days access and £99 for another 90 days). We are great value BEFORE we add…

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iOS Android and Windows compatible – Study on a Train, a Plane or a Bus! While travelling and in idle moments

  • Detailed work book,
  • all the official AXELOS practice exams,
  • detailed Animated course slides with extensive notes (‡and narrations with online access)
  • agile and pmbok-guide friendly

UNLIKE everyone else who tells you “…and you need to buy the official manual” our materials are so complete that we suggest you don’t need to spend another 8 hours reading a different resource and spend another (hidden) £65 – The exams are expensive enough as it is without hidden extras.

We sell the exams at a whoppping discount compared to every other source we have seen – tell us if you find a deal anywhere near ours!

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*Accredited by PEOPLECERT an AXELOS accredited Examining Institute

Logical Model Ltd is an ATO and AXELOS Partner

Logical Model Ltd is an ATO and AXELOS Partner

  The Details

  • Pass the exams in 2016 with THE BEST available fully AXELOS EI Certified, Instructor supported, e-Learning Exam-Cram course
    • Created by Simon Harris – ex PRINCE2(r) examiner, reviewer of the current official manual and long time P2 project manager
    • Written to be friendly to any existing PMBoK-Guide and Agile knowledge and for post exam use in environments with any mix of waterfall and agile development approaches
  • Presented through a combination of
    • Comprehensive Workbook,
    • Detailed & Exhaustive Revision Aids,
    • ALL the official Practice Exams and
    • ‘When-you-want-to-study’ on-demand audio visual modules (as of 6Feb 2016 narration are being refreshed for our annual course refresh)
  • Includes extensive workbook sections that together with the other formats gives complete and very detailed coverage of the whole of the official manual
  • Detailed linkage of the topics presented to sample exam questions and the exam’s syllabus
  • Our materials are designed and made so detailed specifically to allow you to avoid having to buy the official manual at an additional £65
    • Our materials are unrivalled – the revision aid, first three chapters of the course materials provide a complete stand-alone introduction to PRINCE2 for non-exam candidates
    • We are an PEOPLECERT Accredited Training Organisation ATO for prince2 and prince2agile.
  • Your enrolment with us allows us to apply on your behalf, as Sponsoring ATO for both the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam and Practitioner Exam via PEOPLECERT‘s online live proctored capability to administer Exams@Home’
    • If you have a webcam (and a clear desk, undisturbed work-space, speakers & a microphone – not headset) then you can take exams on just 4hrs notice.
    • If you book and exam we will give you the course access for free (if you buy the course its cost IS NOT offsetable against later exam bookings – our exam price is still cheap compared to other offerings).

Who Should Attend! ?

Everyone looking for the BEST course materials available AND the least expensive route to qualification that is available anywhere

  • Anyone wishing to pass the Foundation and or Practitioner Exams whether experienced in projects or not
  • Anyone looking to work in agile or PMBoK-Guide waterfall developments after qualification
    • These materials were specifically written to link to existing vocabulary and concepts
  • Anyone with out existing knowledge of project management looking to create a career entry opportunity for themselves.
    • These were specifically written with the constant thougt in mind that the student may start with zero background
  • Anyone wishing to understand how to create a project control structure, for example as Project and Programme Office or Centre of Excellence staff
  • Anyone wanting to take the prince2-agile practitioner qualification (P2 practitioner is a pre-requisite for p2a)
  • Note PRINCE2® as provided by most exam course DOES NOT teach how to create schedules, calculate project appraisals or track status
    • Ours do! It isn’t the main emphasis and is modularised so avoidable if your focus is purely exam success but note for most other courses…
    • These are assumed to be basic skills by the PRINCE2® manual, they are explicitly omitted by the syllabus and not covered in most other exam courses
    • For in-depth treatment of capability beyond p2’s scope that leverages your p2, msp, agile, lean and pmbok skills to deliver project based change see our courses on Assured Outcome Delivery – A  Pragmatic Approach To Project Management & more that draws on all the world’s best frameworks and insights.


  • NONE, but
    • Passing the exams takes dedicated study through hard work – Our materials may be easily available but you will have to invest a significant amount of effort to reach exam standard (between 25-50hrs is not uncommon, 12 is perhaps an unusual minimum).
    • When you are PRINCE2 qualified and want to embed PRINCE2 into your organisation then remember how good our material is because we would welcome the opportunity to show you how to generate Return on the PRINCE2 investment – eMail


  • On demand – your demand!
  • Fully Instructor supported (although I do sleep, eat, …etc every day so if my timezone isn’t yours there may be lag) via eMail and Disqus forum and phone if needed.

Best regards


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