An approaching exam can be an anxious time as you wonder “Have I covered everything they could ask me?”. Maybe your problem is “I know this stuff but they keep asking questions in weird ways that don’t link to what I know from the book”.

Perhaps you are feeling good about the exam already? Exams ARE easier to pass when you enter them feeling confident. That would be appropriate, the course materials are exhaustive and the axelos official questions are what ‘the accreditor’ provides so that in their opinion adequate preparation is achieved. If your calm and ready you don’t need these questions.

If you are not comfortable, if you feel “I’d like more proof of readiness, more practice” this section may be just right for you.
The question sets here are as exhaustive as our course materials. They let you explore the whole syllabus. Some are question sets purely fact based. Some sets are tricky logic. Some concentrate on cross-syllabus integration of the type needed for practitioner exams.
All are with explanation, all are instructor supported (via an email address you supply).
NOTE these questions ARE NOT the axelos official practice exam questions, those are included without additional cost in every exam booking made with us.

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