PRINCE2® Online Exam Minimum Technical Requirements

To take the exam online you need an adequate work environment and technical specification

AXELOS are concerned that you don’t cheat so you need the equipment to relay audio and video to a proctor who invigilates your exam and guides you through the steps (so you have to be able to hear them too). Concerns about cheating mean you cannot use headphones, your webcam must be capable of being turned around to show the whole room and under or behind furniture etc.

Requirement # 1 Speakers, Microphone and positionable web camera (built into a lap top is fine if you can pick-up and turn the laptop around.

The cheating concern means only one computer screen, only the exam adminsitration software running and no other programs including background instant message clients, only one web-cam, clear desk, no phones. The exam software needs a web-browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer are peoplecert’s recommended browsers). It is rcommended that you have java-script enabled for a ‘richer’ exam experience.

Your screen needs a resolution of at least 1024 x 768,