PRINCE2® Practitioner Qualification

PRINCE2® Practitioner Qualification

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Qualification is an exam cram course for anyone wishing to pass the PRINCE2® exam whether familiar with projects or not. In addition to classroom activities we provide a Web based revision tool which is free to you to start using right now.

Coming soon this course will be available from for eDelivery at your desk and a variety of options for taking the exams

Note this course is dedicated to achieving a pass at the practitioner status level so there is some, but not extensive treatment of “how to be a project manager”. PRINCE2® assumes attendees already know the basics of planning, tracking, inflencing, estimating. If your needs are a pragmatic grounding in project management for PRINCE2® based environments then see our courses in fluent application that have a solid practical (non exam) focus throughout.

You Will Learn

  • Everything required to pass the 2013 format PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam. This week long event’s primary focus is accreditation to exam standard.
  • Understand the exam question types, how to read a question, how to answer questions and practice exam technique
  • Describe project controls using PRINCE2®’s vocabulary for principles, themes, processes, roles and document templates.
  • Assign PRINCE2® roles to project participants and tailor PRINCE2® to suit specific needs.
  • Apply PRINCE2® processes to control of your projects (PRINCE2® is a control mechanism & the course does teach application of the control processes at a practical Back@Work level).
  • Complete PRINCE2® documents for sound decision making and the appropriate level of auditable project transparency.


  • Pre-course preparation from supplied materials as suits you (we would anticipate between 20 and 40 hours study).
  • The course runs Monday morning to Friday mid-day with evening work Monday thru Thursday. The 3hr practitioner exam occupies Friday morning.
  • Class hours are 0900 to 1630 formal class hours
  • 1630 onward informal/ optional time for “topics raised on the day” if wanted.

Course Benefits

Practitioner level qualification in PRINCE2®.

Add PRINCE2® to your existing project management abilities and apply to your organisation’s needs.

The PRINCE2® registered practitioner qualification is a widely used, if crude filter used by organisations to confirm tendering suppliers or job applicants have the skills for the job. PRINCE2® is the de-facto qualification in the UK and is being widely adopted in many other countries.

Who Should Attend

Those who are focussed on achieving an exam pass.

The course is suitable for anyone wishing to pass the PRINCE2® exams independently of gaining fluency with day-to-day tools and techniques of project management. See our “Foundation skills for would-be PRINCE2® practitioners” for those who have limited project management experience or training (PRINCE2® assumes we already have core PM skills) and “Real-World and Practical: Fluency in Actually USING PRINCE2®” course for those whose interest is in PRINCE2® application instead of or after achieving Practitioner certification).


  • We provide a comprehensive set of course materials BEFORE the event to give you the maximum study advantage as a natural part of our Bronze level support.
  • Pre-Course Preparation Guide & Web based revision tool
  • A simple 6 step scripted guide to studying the course notes prior to attendance at the exam event.
  • Progress diary to set-out your study schedule and plot progress vs. baseline (in the best traditions of project control).
  • Course Notes
  • Overview of the PRINCE2® method.
  • Exams and the Real-world.
  • PRINCE2® Processes context.
  • PRINCE2® Components Reference Models.
  • PRINCE2® Each of the 8 Processes in detail., PRINCE2® Each of the 8 Components in detail.
  • Responsibilities by Process.
  • Information Needs by Process.
  • Information Needs by Subject.
  • Web-Based flash-cards for building Process Name to Process ID recall.
  • Web-Based flash-cards of approx 600 revision questions for the Foundation & Practitioner level understanding.
  • Full access to the official preparation exam Papers at Foundation and Practitioner Level
  • Foundation questions per theme and process and 2 full 75 question mock Foundation Exams.
  • 2 full Practitioner mock exam scenarios each with Examiner’s Marking Schemes for the exam as formatted from Jan 2013.


Multiple exam practice workshops are included in the preparation materials and at the course. All workshops are centred on mock exam questions and matching marking schemes.