Today AXELOS’ PPM* marketing lead (Tom Lynam) introduced the “Well received update to PRINCE2®” and explained that it is an Evolutionary step. Everything you already know and value is still valid. The update specifically targets “guidance to be creative and flexible”,…”while retaining the 7 themes, 7 principles, 7 processes and defined roles”.

PRINCE2®-2017 FrontCover

PRINCE2®-2017 the evolution of 2009 guidance with emphasis on creativity and flexibility

In today’s webinar AXELOS explained that the core guidance remains unchanged but tailoring guidance is enhanced and guidelines are now provided on minimum requirements for use of the 7 themes and 7 principles. Axelos consulted widely to create the new guidance and found what was needed is specific advice on how to apply the method within organisations. The result is a manual with more focus on where to place emphasis, more hints and tips on tools, key messages, and examples.

Tom explained the future exams, to be phased in by languages, starting with English in June this year will now be more focussed on the core of the methods so tailoring is examined but configuration is no longer included, principles are emphasised. The exams themselves have also been streamlined with small reductions in size and a very minor increase in difficulty. “The Practitioner exam is more aligned to practical skills and all candidates will now be tested on all parts of the method and its underlying principles”.

As well as amended exams continuing accreditation will use a new model. Ongoing professional development rather than reregistration exams. Retaking the exam will continue to be a valid way to retain the credential but now an active subscription to PRINCE2 membership and 45 Continuing Professional Development units are an alternative. Pricing details are still being finalised.

Tom also explained that the update’s focus on tailoring is in part to address what might be a misconception; that PRINCE2 is a waterfall method. It isn’t because it is suitable for all projects of all sizes in all environments – when correctly tailored. This update seeks to move PRINCE2 away from historical association with waterfall but is not a replacement for the new PRINCE2agile® guidance with it greater detailed explanations of agile integration.

Axelos are the organisation that has owned the Cabinet Office’s Global Best Practice (GBP) suite of guidance since 2013. It is a joint venture with Capita PLC. To maintain the GBP suite AXELOS keeps a watching brief over industry trends. Their research showed that over 75% of respondents believe “project management is becoming a general skill required by all roles in business” while 72% also believe “project management is becoming more professional as a skill but must be more creative and flexible to be practical”.

This first update since 2009 adds that creative component and builds on organisations’ existing investments, and provides fairer exams with better focus on equipping people in their work with practical guidance. The amendments are intended to attract organisations to adopt the method.

AXELOS’ timeline of development extends backwards for over a year while the forward milestones are the book launch in May and exam launch in June. During the transition period current certificates run until expiry. At launch the manual and the exams will starts in English with 2018 seeing translations to Dutch, German and 5 other European languages and others to follow.

There is more detail on Axelos are looking for your feedback – you can eMail Tom at that address in the first line above.


Logical Model Ltd are creating exam preparation materials with release to coincide with the new exam’s availability.

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