PMP Exams

In January 2016 the PMI updated the PMP exam based on the most recent Role Delineation Study. It isn’t much of a change. A few adjustments to the balance of questions across areas. Some training companies suggest that students should rush to sit the exam but that has more to do with booking course sales sooner than it has to do with taking exams before significant change has affect (that will be 6th Ed. which will be a significant change).

The current (Jan 2016) PMP exam is based on the 2013 5th Edition of the PMBoK. [Not material but also published at the same time were two other updates]:-

  • The 3rd Edition of the Program Management Guide
  • The 3rd Edition of the Portfolio Management Guide


We will apply for REP status for our exam materials sometime this year. In the meantime here are some revision and other notes provided at only the cost of some feedback and that on trust that you’ll leave comment on our disqus-forum (please:-).

When all the above is issued as part of REP status (some time March to May 2016?) then you’ll have to pay. For now it’s free access.