PMP ITTO made easy

People approaching the PMP exam are often daunted by the prospect of learning the Inputs and outputs and tools and techniques of the processes.

As an act of pure memory and with a 100% target its a Herculean task. A much more realistic target is to learn the key ones. Key means high chance of appearing in an exam question.

The approach I recommend to learning anything about PMBoK-Guide and PMI’s exams is to understand how the processes flow. Process-flow is the logic which explains the main inputs and outputs. Note learning the I/O or Inputs and Outputs is a separate consideration from Tools and techniques. Here I will just cover I/O.

The majority of what matters is easy to recall when you know the logic. Here is the core 80% of what matters.

  • Business Docs-> Charter -> PMPlan -> Deliverables & WPD & Change -> Verified Deliverables ->Accepted Deliverables ->Transitioned Deliverables.
  • WPD->WPI->WPR->Comms
  • Change->Approved CR

This now just leaves the flow within Planning (PMPlan)

  • ScopeMP and RequirementsMP -> Requirements -> Scope statement->Scope B/L
  • Schedule-MP->Activities->Sequence & Duration ->Sched B/L
  • Cost-MP->Cost Est ->Cost B/L

The picture is a link to complete coverage.

The PMBoK-Guide 6th Edition Process Logic

The PMBoK-Guide 6th Edition Process Logic