#pm_ngt-015 projects are just a subset of the topic of interest

#pm_ngt-015 projects are just a subset of the topic of interest

A project, as defined in most prevalent writings is a temporary endeavour whose purpose is the creation of deliverables. I say “writings” as these ideas are presented to support individuals sit exams that somehow ‘prove’ competence in managing projects.

Mostly these examined individuals are collecting a salary while their exam fees and training fees are paid for by shareholders who are hoping that ability to recite a book definition will more surely return value from the specific investment and their share capital in general.

The shareholders (or tax-payers) interests are more fully met when all involved in ‘projects’ recognise that the whole topic is benefits realisation. To realise benefits requires activity long after ‘project’. Equally given ‘common definitions’ there is always a ‘pre- project’ need for set-up activities and sometimes it is a very significant amount of activity. It is the ‘common definitions’ that are short-sighted, not reality that is wrong.

What is commonly referred to as ‘project’ is often just the phases of activity in a product-set’s ‘development life-cycle’. The prior steps of determining options may be referred to as a feasibility study project or may be referred to as pre-project. Is this sensible? From the investor’s perspective it is all just part of a single initiative that quiet legitimately deserves a single label referring to the journey between first hint of capital injection through long-term revenue or other beneficial return up-to final capital extraction and redeployment.

The whole topic is change and the only attractive form of change is successful change.


#pm_ngt training is focused on the implications (tools/ rules/ duties etc)  for all role-holders of taking a capital based view of the end2end journey for everyone from top2bottom of the decision making hierarchy. #pmngt is relevant2reality for stakeholder’s needs from taxpayers and shareholders to senior, middle and technical management. Each has a complimentary role with differing duties, pressures, skills, wants and desires. Making all the elements work in harmony is what training in #pmngt’s is about – not cram and forget exams.


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