#pmngt-014 Everyone touched by business change can benefit from #pmngt

Change is almost universally unwelcome. People are so anti-change that they prefer to live with a known evil than pursue a potential future benefit!

#pmngt provides techniques that addresses decision maker’s needs to explore possible futures and debate choices about those choices, it supports managers describe contradictory pressures that arise from business-as-usual and project imperatives but much more importantly these aids to “right thinking” about change help those with little or no choice in change’s arrival to explore its implications and adjust to its arrival.


Our #pmngt training integrates (resolves contradictions and fills gaps between) the tools and techniques of Isochron’s Dimension Four®, PRINCE2® and PMI’s Guide to the PMBoK®. #pmngt converts sunk, low return  investments in exam based training for individuals into corporate capability with observable value by providing complementary but different tools and steps and duties to different stakeholders at different stages on the investment / ROI cycle.


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