#pm_ngt-013 Improving the state of the art in project governance

#pm_ngt-013 Improving governance of project based change.

Correctly conceptualized a project is a journey from steady-state-business-as-usual to steady-state-business-as-usual. The journey from state to state changes one or more or all of the people involved, changes their roles, their authority levels, the processes they follow, the resources used, the raw materials consumed, the products created and distributed, the customers and partners engaged with and sometimes the reasons for being.

In a steady state with defined roles meeting defined responsibilities by following known and correct procedures to implement useful processes all that is needed is supervision to maintain the status-quo. When random factors within or out with the desired steady state threaten purpose and ‘reason for being’ then supervision must be extended to add management. Management deals with change in operation for constancy of purpose while supervision deals with constancy of operation.

When purpose is undergoing change then management must be extended with leadership. Management “does things right” while leadership “does the right things”. Managers follow the rules, leaders replace rule-sets. While reinforcing the importance of structure leaders also emphasis flexibility and situationally defined responses.

The imposition of a process by which rules are set and reset and by which use of rules is monitored to ensure they are used and useful is ‘Governance’. Governance is a journey not a destination.

Governance is the process by which governors compare how well roles and processes maintain balance between concurrent competing even contradictory needs and wants. Governance balances the mix, availability and constituents of intellectual capital, human capital (shared behaviours and norms), plant and machinery (‘fixed’ capital) and money (financial capital)


Our #pm_ngt training gives perspective and tools for integrated use from top2bottom of the decision making hierarchy of organisations. It equips leaders with tools to define end-points and reset rules, middle managers with control regimes that operate within constraints and technical teams with estimating and scheduling tools that in total support end2end conduct of project based change that is relevant2reality. #pm_ngt delivers value to stakeholders from shareholders to staff whether leaders, managers or technicians.


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