#pm_ngt-009 Businesses do not invest in projects they respond to change

#pm_ngt-009 – An organisation is a self-sustaining collection of types of capital. One of the forms of capital is the shared behaviours that define how the organisation operates day-to-day, month to month and year on year.

All the resources of the organisation are a portfolio and it is that portfolio’s reactions to internal and external events that is self-sustaining and evolving in successful organisations. When external change is successfully translated into internal responses public services or private profit are maximised. This is NOT project management it is response to change.

Traditional project management guidance describes artificial boundaries aimed at making the supplier’s job easier and less open to dispute about settlement of account. New generation thinking takes a holistic, investor centric view that recognises that the combination of context, market-place, money, skills and resources migrate from stable-state to stable state via unstable disequilibrium. Businesses respond to pressures that are sometimes driven by needs for survival and some times for expansion but always by people with a wide variety of personal needs and wants.


Our training and mentoring in #pm_ngt starts with the notions of people and change do not naturally mix well. From that we develop a structured framework that is explicitly sensitive to situational amendment and matched to tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ timeline and top2bottom™ span of change that runs from board-room2boiler-room and back again.

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