#pm_ngt-006 2nd Principle – Delegate Goals + Escalate Contradictions

#pm_ngt-006 – Ask people about their problems with projects and most would cite “communications”. Clearly even if first generation project management contains the right toolset it isn’t appreciated by most people as adequate let alone an asset that ensures and amplifies success.

Current ‘insight’ focuses on the mechanics of delegation with passing comment on the need to escalate issues. New generation thinking addresses the reasons for and responses to escalations. It suggests the contents and reactions that catalyse the mechanism to be something really useful.

New generation thinking also addresses the contents of delegations, the accountability that remains with the delegator and the actions that must result from escalations. Projects (in the ‘whole of change’ sense) are a mechanism for making decisions and decisions are always the choosing between options and then taking of actions.

Clarity of duties from Top2bottom™ involves the mechanics of communication, the contents and results at strategy, tactical and technical levels.


Our training and mentoring in #pm_ngt explain the flexible approach and structured steps plus matched tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ timeline and top2bottom™ span of change that runs from board-room2boiler-room™ and back again


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