Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration

Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration between people with different skills, duties, jargon, pressures and personalities.

Development of skills in managing change is best achieved by training that is integrated but different in focus for those with strategic accountabilities, those with day2day management responsibilities and those with technical and operational skills. Encapsulated in the #pm_ngt principles of an approach that is relevant2reality™ and runs top2bottom™.

A root-cause of current project management performance is that so much training targets individuals sitting exams rather than the skills required for collaborative pursuit of shared goals.


Our training and mentoring in #pm_ngt addresses the different but integrated needs of everyone from board-room2boiler-room™. Competent handling of change requires flexible, structured and synchronised activities supported by tools and techniques that support every side of discussions that run across the end2end™ timeline and top2bottom™ decision making hierarchy.

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