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Our mission at Logical Model is to improve the project management state of the art –

I call the solution #pm_ngt. A growing set of material is on the website – see for description and the foot of the page at for links to the “warehouse” of insights from which bespoke courses are created.

#pm_ngt is based on 2 initial observations –

1) Industry buys education in what is a collaborative endeavour as an exam topic for individuals

2) Exam cramming means learning a subset of real needs in a week which is not relevant2reality™ so is forgotten in a month.

#pm_ngt Explains how to integrate the PM dialoge from Boardroom2Boilerroom™ and back again using tools from Dimension Four(r), Prince2(r) and PMBoK Guide(r) with a dash of Lean, Agile and CAS (ISTOONA) – The approach is leveraging existing investment in capability not replacing it and accomodating the religious beliefs of sects such as scrum

#pm_ngt Takes a timeframe that is End2End™ of the investment cycle. From Capital injection to Revenue extraction. We start and end with the Investor’s desire to achieve an ROI.

Achieving ROI creates a duty in th esponsor to clearly communicate a vision (we give tools to do it) or understand and accept the risks that low clarity creates. In delegation we create accountability within our selves. Thus those seeking ROI have a duty to back-up delegation with resources and an escalation route that triggers their actions to create sucess.

Investors think and plan from achievement targets – its a Right to Left world. Technicains and the PMBoK believe there is only reality and it is Left to Right – #pm_ngt starts with R–> L planning and via Product Breakdowns (from PRINCE2) and Work Breakdowns (as populary understood rather than the PMP exam definition) integrates the two to start the scheduling and resourcing steps of planning from a well understood start point. There is more – see the link

#pm_ngt is an exciting advance in project management new generation thinking

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Our B-2-B training courses address 3 audiences across 3 time frames.

Audiences: Those who Direct, Those who Manage and Those who Deliver Results
Time-frames: Investment definition, Capability development, Benefits delivery

see  for more details of #pm_ngt and

see for more details of training in the safer delievry of benefits


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