PM is ‘broken’

PM is “broken” the sentiments is of the “Emperor has no cloths”.

My view is that Why PM is bust is fairly easily explainable – I may not have all the factors but I have a cogent hypothesis that is a start for understanding why we are where we are – Its expressed in the ASAPM News letter article 9 from April 2012

Further I think I can provide a procedural, tool and technique rich explaination of how to make it work correctly. Most of the elements are observations on integration of accepted practices (starting at the bottom up) 1st from the PMBOK, and APMBoK, Then PRINCE2, then an unknown method called Dimension Four by which point we are in the board room.

By relegating “project management” to a player within the discipline of portfolio management’s care for equity we start in the business. Strategy drives use of equity and comission of change – D4 supports definition of change and dealing with the social and psychological elements of change’s impact on people. Prince2 (P2) if stripped of its exam stupidity and errors such as seperatng “accountability for risk from benefits” and failres of insight about teh reality of start-up, business case, close-out or benefits delivery then P2 provides a great control structure to wrap around PMBOK Guide’s tools and techniques(T&T) – P2 is almost T&T free. I can only imaine Queensland University came up with its findings on P2 for money – they are so far from sensible 🙁

If described with understanding of how to use them the tools like the PBS of P2, the WBS of PMI (or better yet ISO 21500) and AON networks and actions like how to integrate the product development lifecycles (pdlc), with tools such as post-it notes and MS Project etc add up to a powerful, practical real-world toolkit. I can provide pragmatic explaination of how to plan and manage projects across any corporate change environments of any complexity with these tools – some nvironments need more – like appreciation of Comlex Adaptive Systems.

Problem is in places the establishment will have to stop saluting the idea that the sun is in orbit of the earth (eg that projects live in a cost-time-scope triangle – technicians do but board members and shareholders do not so PMs cannot)

So: I wondered if any of this sounds relevant and interesting enough to spur action or suggest a further connection?


Footnote – I wrote this with the cat for company – He left when the wife brought me tea 🙁
Real footnote – I have a friend who cannot “see” my points as he can’t read anything without perfect spelling, punctuation and grammer. In contrast I error-correct what I recieve on the fly to adjust obvious disconnects and to look for possible alternate meanings in what seem at first obvious. If your in the former camp and interested to further explre (!) how to improve PM capability then I apologise for th eextra cognative load – its all part of understanding how to dliver projects.