Framworks and Tools For Sucesful Projects

The guidance within PRINCE2(r) & PMBoK Guide(r) is necessary but individually insufficient for project success.

When taken out of the context of an exam for an individual and restored to the position of guidance on how to collaborate the contents of both are vital, complimentary and almost entirely different.
Gaps & Value in PRNCE2® & PMBoK Guide®
Starting with basics the PMBoK Guide tells us how to estimate, how to develop schedule and budget, and how to track status but little on how the information flows between roles in the management team and beyond. PRINCE2 notes that we need to estimate, schedule, budget & track but omits description of how.
Instead p2 gives solid guidance on who creates what in what context and the flow of the information created. Two interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces.
P2 omits HR and procurement while PMBoK includes it, PMBoK omits gating or approval points and structure while P2 majors on them. PMBoK has a stupid misnomer for the start of scope development (WBS versus its description) P2 corrects the naming and shares the intent & description. P2 goes off the rails right after the PBS but PMBoK is solid guidance all the way to baselined time cost & scope
Small Degree of Overlap
The only redundant overlap is both cover risk management, both have gaps and stupidities that the other generally corrects.
Finally sadly both have a scope that is supplier focused not customer, their advice helps developer not investor but that is corrected by adding Dimension Four® to the tool bag.
LogicalModel’s #pm_ngt integrates best-of-breed insight to create pragmatic guidance matched to realworld needs for ROI from investments involving capability development activity.
Logical Model provides B2B training in project based change & B2C eLearning in PRINCE2 & PMP exams.
Our B2-B training and mentoring in #pm_ngt explains the flexible approach and structured steps plus matched tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ investment time-line and top2bottom™ span of decision making within all corporate change.
#pm_ngt has a pragmatic, non-exam focus on value to the business’ shareholders.
#pm_ngt’s key differentiators are:
1) Projects must work to and from the investor’s time-line – that means right to left planning of strategy, left to right planning of tactics and integration of the two and it means ‘deliver the value’ not ‘follow the process’.
2) Management must delegate and escalate with understanding of what both are – that means cascade goal + constraint + authority + a helping hand + resources, it means receiving and acting on escalations – Read more here
3) Use well know standards pragmatically – It means set-aside exam stupidities and use the tools and techniques of D4(r) to define the future_state_Business_As_Usual (fsBAU), use PRINCE2(r) to create a control structure for decision making and use PMBoK Guide(r) tools & techniques to build baselines, monitor performance and respond to achievements, problems, issues and risks, it means integrate project management framework and product life-cycle to accommodate any development pattern whether optimized for agility of development or whole life life-cost-of-ownership
To find out how to tailor a delivery for your organisation’s needs contact pm_ngt@logicalmodel-dot-net or call +44 (0) 84 52 57 57 07 and look here