Foundations of Project Based Change: Process and Procedure

Process is what happens while procedure is the human imposition of description on process, often to reduce options on the temporal ordering and assignment of duties to match competencies.
Sugar dissolving in tea is a process, using a dry spoon to add two spoonfuls before string and placing the wet spoon on the saucer is both process and procedure.

The question of  vocabulary is interesting; I can never differentiate which of Pinker & Chomsky come from the angles of “We can only think about what we have words for” and “we invent words for the thoughts we have”.


Logical Model provides B2B training in project based change and B2C training in PRINCE2 and PMP exams
Our training and mentoring in #pm_ngt explains the flexible approach and structured steps plus matched tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ investment time-line and top2bottom™ span of decision making within all corporate change.
#pm_ngt‘s key differentiators are:
1) Projects must work to and from the investor’s time-line – that means right to left planning of strategy, left to right planning of tactics and integration of the two and it means ‘deliver the value’ not ‘follow the process’.
2) Management must delegate and escalate with understanding of what both are – that means cascade goal + constraint + authority + a helping hand + resources, it means receiving and acting on escalations – Read more here
3) Use well know standards pragmatically – It means set-aside exam stupidities and use the tools and techniques of D4(r) to define the future_state_Business_As_Usual (fsBAU), use PRINCE2(r) to create a control structure for decision making and use PMBoK Guide tools & techniques to build baselines, monitor performance and respond to achievements, problems, issues and risks
To find out how to tailor a delivery for your needs contact pm_ngt@logicalmodel-dot-net