Foundations of Project Based Change: Episodes

A project is a block of work.

So too is a programme (or program) and a work-package and an activity and a phase and a stage and a control account and a task

A “Block of work” in #pm_ngt vocabulary is an “episode”. A definition we gain by using Dimension Four for defining benefits.


Every episode is made up of other episodes and contained in other episodes. Episodes overlap in time and many are running concurrently. When concurrent episodes lead to a result we have “deep time” in contrast to “long time”.

Episode end at points that can be or Inch Pebbles or Mile-Stones, or Tipping-Points or Recognition Events or Value Flashpoints or the start of steady state BAU

You and I Are In An Episode

My writing this and your reading this are both episodes and both episodes are in themselves an episode. As is my whole life. As I write I have a cold cup of tea and my wife is cooking downstairs and I can smell it – yum – I’m concurrently in at least three episodes.

It is the episodes of the Project life-cycle and the Product life-cycle and the Investment Life-cycle that interact in a million ways and that we must find words to express and manipulate if we are to improve the state of the art in project management.


Logical Model provides B2B training in project based change. Our training and mentoring in #pm_ngt explain the flexible approach and structured steps plus matched tools and techniques that are relevant2reality™ across the end2end™ timeline and top2bottom™ span of decision making within all change. Taking the investor’s timeline means tools to describe the future and a mindset of objectives not (yesterday’) plans are the key focus.