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PMP Exams

The PMP exam is widely known. It is open to anyone with over approx 3 years full time experiece of PM, a degree level education and 35hrs of PM training – For those with no experience the CAPM exam is available and for thse without a degree approx 5-6 years experience of PM is sufficient to apply for exam eligability.

The PMP exam is TOUGH. It requires selection of the best answer from several correct answers under time pressure – 72 seconds per question on average. Some questions are just ‘unfair’ but you have to live with the reality. For some examples request to see our course materials.

To run a project for real you need PMBoK_G tools & techniques and a control structure of which PRINCE2® is the best. If running projects is your aim, rather than acquiring an exam pass then our #pm_ngt training is the best available. If you already know how to run projects and want the ‘tickets’ that make job mobility easier then our PMP Exam Prep and PRINCE2 exam prep courses are right for you.

In January 2013 the PMI published three new versions of their ‘standards’ documents:

  • The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition
  • The 3rd Edition of the Program Management Guide
  • The 3rd Edition of the Portfolio Management Guide

The 5th Edition of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is now the basis for the PMP exam. Beware when using internet based resourcs that they are explicitly 5th Edition aligned.

Access to our full exam prep materials is available on request. Check out our PMBoK-G® on a page overview. We aso share our Revision aid that reflects our course materials.