Driving a Project using PRINCE2®: Filling the Senior Roles – Awareness for Business Managers

Driving a Project using PRINCE2®

Driving a Project using PRINCE2®: Filling the Senior Roles, is an awareness course for those who are not project managers, but may be on the project board or are entangled with a PRINCE2® project in a senior capacity.

You Will Learn To

Fulfil your role and responsibilities within a PRINCE2® project to aid successful benefits delivery


Full course any duration from 1/2 day to 2 days
0900 to 1630 formal class hours
1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted
1530 finish on last day.

Course Benefits

PRINCE2® tells the project manager the responsibilities of the project participants – Well this course lets everyone else know too so everyone can do their bit!

Who Should Attend

Senior managers & their direct reports whose department’s are significantly involved in or impacted by a PRINCE2® project.

Suppliers of resource (eg Heads of technical departments), Specifiers of requirement (eg Heads of Business departments), Acceptance authorities or impacted users (eg staff managing working in affected departments), business architects.

Anyone needing the knowledge of PRINCE2®’s day-to-day processes for project control in order to play their part as project participant.

Staff with a technical, creative role in project delivery will find the focus of our PRINCE2® for Product Delivery Teams more appropriate.


PRINCE2® Overview
Introductions, domestics and logistics
Course contents
The Whole of PRINCE2® On A single page
PRINCE2® Scope & Context
Main Elements of PRINCE2®, Terminology, PRINCE2 Overview & Process Context
The Difference Between Management and Technical Stages, Stages and Planning Horizons
Process Models in Detail
SU in Detail, The PRINCE2® Cast & Their Roles, 4 Levels of Controls, Setting up the Organisation Structure Of The Project Board, First potential project kill-point at 13.4.1 Authorise Initiation
the Initiation Stage in Detail, Overview of the planning theme, Plans & Exceptions upto 13.4.2 Authorise the project in which the project board appraise Project Viability
Introduction to Product Based Planning (PBP), Major Steps of PBP
Plans: @Start, Plans in Middle & End
Overview of CS & MP, The task delegation oand issue escalation paths, Progress Reporting with Checkpoints, Highlight reports and end stage reports, How Manage a Stage Boundary and 13.4.3 Authorise a Stage (or Exception) Plan reassess staus
CP in detail Preparing for Follow-On-Actions, and Authorize Project Closure
The principles and themes: Business Case, Organisation, Quality, Plans, Risk, Progress, Change including configuration management and the Change Authority
Controls, Their Purpose and Users, Tolerance, Controls @Start, @Middle & @End
Customer’s Quality Expectations, Acceptance Criteria and The Product Descriptions, Project Quality Management and the Project Quality Plan
Course Summary


The course uses a variety of exercises and workshop sessions depending on the needs of attendees.

Exercises focus on the challenges with creating management buy-in to following a method and the judgement required to balance factors when embedding the method in the organisation and tailoring it to a specific project.