Non-Certification Courses On PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® is a truly excellent control structure for running projects. Some of its strengths include:

1) It makes senior management’s decision making crystal clear – that can sometimes be a situation they are less than keen about
2) It’s a Control framework whose explicit definition says, ‘omits techniques’ so gives you great opportunity (requires you) to add from other guidance on how to create budgets and schedules and track progress …

…so a point of note…

…to give you the best chance in exam courses, the focus is ‘what the framework includes and you HAVE to know to pass the exam’ not how to supplement, extend or challenge the method with other insights– it would be irresponsible or even a lie to claim to sell the best chance at the exam while also covering all those other elements of the broader view.

The courses listed here are for those who want to capitalise on the strengths of all methods when integrated to P2’s framework. The courses  are for people who have, either, previously passed the exams or don’t have any exam interest.

These courses are aimed at those who want to really use P2 by understanding its strength and add in all those vital Back@Work elements that are outside the syllabus so wouldn’t be in your own best interests using up time in an exam course.

Please click the links to see 7 non certificated courses on Prince 2.