Truly Tracking Project Progress

Truly Tracking Project Progress

Measuring Accomplishment Using Earned Value Management

You Will Learn To

Track project progress using Earned Value Management.


  • Standard Course for those with planning & tracking knowledge 1 Day
    0900 to 1530 formal class hours (1530 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted)
  • Other formats available: Brief overview ½ day
  • In depth introduction for those without planning & tracking skills 2 to 4 days
    Earned value with Microsoft Project Add a day to any of the above

Course Benefits

Explains the Earned Value principles and practice as well as less rigorous ways of achieving most of the EV benefits without most of the EV costs.

Who Should Attend

All those involved in track projects.
Those charged with using (or introducing use of Earned Value)
(Knowledge of creation of resourced project schedules is a pre-requisite for the Standard course).

Content & Workshops

  • Introduction, Overview & Logistics
  • Review
    • Stakeholder, Goals, Deliverables, Tasks, Networks, Critical Path, Resource, Contingency, Reserve, Base-line.
  • Performing the work
    • Verification, Quality log, Work done, Value earned, Basic earned value formulae, Simple forecasts, Complex earned value formulae, Further forecasts, Earned value types, timing discrepancies
    • Interpreting graphs, Info vs. data, Misleading with EV.
    • Back@Work Exercise: Track good and bad progress to the schedule
    • Back@Work Exercise: Report EV.
  • Corrections
    • Consolidating gains, Exceptions, Escalation, Crashing & fast tracking Using buffers, Rescheduling resource calls, Tracking EV, Handling changes, Adjusting EV plots, Handling retrospective finance “edicts”,, Back@Work Exercise: Redraw the baseline for “today”.

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