Virtual Courses

virtual worldLogical Model Virtual Training Centre


Take a tour of our comming virtual Training Centre and see how training delivery is moving  – its ‘under construction’ a virtual building site so bring your virtual hard-hat.

The vWorld uses the unity-player – it is a napi plugin so WON’T work in chrome where google has disabled all support. It DOES work in IE so you might need to copy and paste the URL See the login & usage help below…

Logical Model believe that in-person classroom training has a place in high-value, people oriented, subtle and soft topics.

But straightforward acquisition of knowledge-based process facts such as PRINCE2 and PMP credential preperation is best handled through digital means where cost of travel and venue is avoided, where facts can be repeated and reviewed, where exam drill is simple, where everyone works at their own pace but with access to instructors for support both real-time and asynchronously

* Digital includes the video, audio, animated and pre-recorded/ replay mediums where students can be sure content is complete and can review as they need

* Digital includes virtual worlds – we are pioneering a virtual PM world – come and take a tour of our building site – see a vision of what is coming that transfers knowledge at a fraction of costs of the past

Joining our digital world is a simple 2minute process that requires and ordinary web-browser and a player that takes 30secs to download and install

Log In Instructions & Usage Help

The login process is simple….Click the Virtual Event Image (last image below) then…

Step 1 Load the Player

If you don’t have Java then install it,


Download & install the player by clicking the link provided
(not illustrated)


Restart the browser to load the player.




Enter As Guest using an ID of your choice –





We don’t force you to give any contact details but it would be nice if you did…

…and we can keep you up to date if you provide eMail – your choice


Up to you if you enable audio and video – its likely you will get the Red “Could not detect your voice” even if your audio is fine – it takes a few seconds of a decent volume level to recognise audio but it will still work





That should be it! and your in.



Wander around, view the presentations on the boards, watch the e-Learning videos, Interact with the learning Aids, Download the PDFs, Talk to the people you meet – either literally if you enabled audio or by text-box-message if you did not.

When you arrive in the virtual world you are offered a brief tour; I recommend you take it. If you click a video and want to get rid of it then click outside of the video. Some images are links.

Imagine the future of training simple fact based topics like PRINCE2 exam-prep and how much resource that frees for training the complex and subtle topic of PRINCE2 in USE in the real-world.

To enable audio if you did not initially enable it click your character and ‘Remove’ them from the ‘world’ and then re-enter (right click yourself).

Left & right clicking on items and your avatar brings up options for actions you can take. The “Jump” menu takes you to boards I’ve populated with various examples of materials.

The blue floor circles ‘teleport’ you to new topics and new locations.

Explore, contact-us when you’d like to know more