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Would you like to take the PRINCE2 Foundation, Practitioner and Agile Practitioner exams at home? at any time you choose?  You can!
Would you like the cheapest most flexible study programme? With full instructor support? You can have it all !

We are an AXELOS certified partner and an Accredited Training Organisation authorised to arrange exams via PEOPLECERT’s online Passport Examining System. Link to Practice Exams
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LML's P2 F&P Online Revision Aid

LML’s P2 F&P Online Revision Aid


PRINCE2Agile(R)_Certified_Partner_LogoIn 2013 APMG lost its monopolistic position & we are now accredited by PEOPLECERT to administer courses and give access to their online, take-them anywhere exams.

Use our  instructor supported mLearning Exam Preparation Materials to take your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams on-line through us at the lowest cost anywhere.

We want you to use see how good we are because our real expertise is to help you after you are at exam standard by showing you how to USE PRINCE2 & P2A (PRINCE2-Agile®) as a project control structure in the real world. For that we will have to show you all the places where the official manuals benefit from additions and amendments.

P2A shows us many useful
additions, so does the PMBoK® like how to build schedules and budgets and track status. PRINCE2 is an excellent framework but it is not the complete tool-set you need to run projects successfully.

Typically Exam Cram courses (ours included) focus on how to pass the PRINCE2 exam – that is a lot of study in a short time. Discussion of differences in real world use won’t get you an exam pass and is even potentially confusing so is not encouraged.

Our Exam-Cram doesn’t include these distractions either (although it does add how to actually create schedules such as Gantt Charts even though the exam syllabus explicitly states this is not examined and so every other exam course we have ever seen omits it 🙁

Still our course is very focussed on being THE BEST preparation you can have to pass the exam(s) in the quickest time.

  • Jan 2015 – this section is being updated, check back in a few days or email for latest details
  • Online exam booking & exam taking – see details in the shop – if you find the exams cheaper elsewhere contact us!

If you have a group of people you want to qualify simultaneously please contact us for discussion of on site, instructor led courses.

Preparation Materials

Do you want the benefits of Instructor Led training PLUS the convenience of “study at your own pace”, AND hit the rewind button when ever you want AND  all the official revision exams AND for FREE!?  AND without the need to buy the official manual for £75.00 plus shipping!! WOW well you can!

If you have looked elsewhere you are asking “how come these folk are Free and everyone else is £800 plus vat!?” – well we do charge separately for the Examining Institute’s exams but even so we are a lot cheaper. We are so confident in the content and quality of our materials that they are so try-before-you-buy – AND so is our Revision Tool that we don’t charge for them (at the moment)

The first 2hrs is a COMPLETE P2 method and exam overview suitable for anyone who wants to grasp P2 but not take the exams. Why not take it even if you buy a course elsewhere? But then tell your friends afterwards how good it was 🙂 We give such a comprehensive sample, including course support materials with all my highly detailed process maps for free so you see before you commit your time just how much better these materials are.

FREE PRINCE2 Revision Aid

And take a look at our Revision & Reference Aid


Years of Instructor Led Experience in a Virtual-Class supported Video Package & Extensive Study Support

Through-out your course you have access to its author an ex PRINCE2 examiner. I sat down with my class-room materials and recorded my whole class presentation in coordination with the slide-deck – Just like being in the class-room where you would listen and watch me highlight the points on the screen as detailed process maps build to reveal P2’s structured and interconnections.

Of course in-class you can interrupt to ask questions but once something is said it has gone. Now what ever is said is in the caption files to be read or can be rewound and reviewed. Asking questions only requires an eMail OR you can drop into our Virtual Training Centre.

When an Instructor session is running you can ask questions live otherwise post the question or check when the next live session is due.

Signing up for the course is **EVERYTHING** you need to get prepared. I paid so much attention to detail that you don’t need the official manual.

Inescapably we need to pay the Examining Institute for your exams but they are the only costs (at te moment and even these we discount.