Core Competencies For Building Managing Project Schedule and Budget

Core Competencies For Building & Managing Project Schedule and Budget

A successful project is like a hurdles race: to win you must clear every one. This course focusses on the hurdles that are the reliable translation of project scope and quality into schedule and budget baselines

This course provides attendees with the technique and spring in their step to start and end the project successfully.

See also our other offerings which cover defining and controlling scope and quality, estimating, tracking achievements and handling risk.

You Will Learn To

  • Construct a project schedule using a Precedence Network, Perform Critical Path Analysis and fully optimise resource allocations.
  • Track project progress using a variety of techniques from milestone charts to Earned Value Management.


  • Standard Full Course 4 Days
  • Standard course with the use of Microsoft Project (in pairs) 5 days.

Course Benefits

  • Provides attendees with best-practice techniques to translate the project’s scope baseline into a schedule, budget and resource profile that is auditable and subject to challenge.
  • Equips the organisation to build project baselines that match the reality of project context.
  • Include provision for uncertainty (risk) into your plans that accounts for unclear goals, estimating problems and a world where Murphy’s law operates.

Who Should Attend

  • Graduates of our “Turning “What the Customer Wants” into “What the Customer Gets”: The Master-Class in Managing Project Scope & Quality”.
  • All those involved in creation of project plans.
  • Anyone involved in the scheduling of tasks and resources and the approval of requests to commit the enterprise’s resources to a business case.

Summary of Content & Workshops

  • Introduction, Overview & Logistics
  • Critical Path
  • Estimating
  • Resourcing
  • Risk, optimising and base lining
  • Performing the work
  • Other Reporting tools
  • Corrections
  • Conclusions

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