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Three Themes of A Gate Review

(Picture) A gate review is a PORTFOLIO concept where projects are required to demostrate that they are healty. Project health has three axis of measurement Commercial – which includes political and leadership or sponsorship – Right thing  and Quality as Fit for purpose  Control – which relates to management – Done right and Quality as […]

The Power of Earned Value Is Easy For Anyone to Harness

I hear a lot of bullshit about earned value’s complexity. Also the impossibility of introducng it to projects once started or a whole load more excuses. The one arguement I have sympathy with is that many people make a very simple idea horridly, unnecessarily complex. My major reservation is that some people overlook that without clear acceptace […]

Cost is a useful proxy in some contexts, but mostly its misleading

When we start putting together a project we identify costs. Costs are a required input to the business case’s Cost Benefit Analysis. As we manage a project we record costs incurred. Costs incurred must be affordable and settled in a timely fashion BUT Nothing in incurring costs guarentees creation of value Nothing in incurring cost […]

Secrets of A Good Meeting

Meetings are Expensive Meetings are hugely expensive because they use lots of peoples time in parallel and often a near complete waste of that time because we lack the basic notions of how to make them useful – and no it is NOT (just) “run to an agenda” – read on… My take on the […]

Authority, Responsibility, Delegation and Escalation – A Crucial Concept

Despair! I really really despair of both PMBoK® and PRINCE2®. They claim to guide project management which is a discipline wholly grounded in change and thus authority and thus governance and yet neither displays any comprehension of the underlying principles and the consequential implications and insights required for competence. Concepts So lets examine the concept of […]