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Pm_ngt-004 – New thinking rests on three principles:

Pm_ngt-004 – New thinking rests on three principles: The timeframe of change is end2end™ of the investment The decision making architecture (dma) runs top2bottom™ of the management Capability development is layered and tailored to the duties of the whole organisational hierarchy so that it is relevant2reality™ End2end™ – For the investor rather than the supplier […]

Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration

Pm_ngt-003 – Delivery of change requires collaboration between people with different skills, duties, jargon, pressures and personalities. Development of skills in managing change is best achieved by training that is integrated but different in focus for those with strategic accountabilities, those with day2day management responsibilities and those with technical and operational skills. Encapsulated in the […]

#pmngt-001 project management New Generation Thinking

Pmngt-001 –  project management new generation thinking. New generation thinking addresses project management’s weaknesses: the root causes of project management’s current, sad but mostly deserved reputation. Old thinking is supplier oriented 🙁 – We must not lose its value and strengths but we must also recognize that the reputation of the projects community is that success is […]

#pm_ngt-011 & _012 A common sense approach to project based change

#pm_ngt-011 and pm_ngt-012 – Common sense is a counter-intuitive topic! I suggest that common sense is not “what everyone knows” but “what everyone readily agrees with when exposed to it”. Much of what we are happy to call ‘common sense’ is actually hard to discover and has to be actively passed from person-to-person to spread. […]