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Two Different Sources of Value From PRINCE2

~~O~~ PreAmble: Logical Model offer a $99 P2 exam prep course because it is our belief that the exam cram does not give companies value – So it should not cost a lot. The exam course gives individuals a qualification that aids job mobility. It does not equip “practitioners” to be practicing project managers – too much […]

Direct, Manage, Supervise – How PMBoK, MSP, P2 & D4 integrate

Start At The Portfolio Organizations need a portfolio level investor’s mindset applied to their well being. There are differences between Direction, Management and Supervision that need to be clearly defined and executed if good governance is to prevail. Dynamic Equibrium All organization seek to be in profitable (socially rewarding) dynamic equilibrium – in this state all […]

A message to L&D Managers in organisations where projects have a deserved reputation for less than reliable performance

“Greetings I expect you already know what your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses are. I also expect that you have found improving project capability non-trivial and that you keep an eye open for offerings that might help. Iguess your not hopeful of finding a breakthrough? It is probable that you’ve recognised that focusing Learning and Development […]

#pm_ngt-005 1st Principle – Investor’s timeline (end2end™)

#pm_ngt-005 – First generation project management often starts with the explicit demand that the goal is well defined and ends with delivery of products. Great for suppliers who want to be provable “done” so they can submit their invoice, be paid without dispute and move on. However this demand for clarity is not the reality […]

Pm_ngt-004 – New thinking rests on three principles:

Pm_ngt-004 – New thinking rests on three principles: The timeframe of change is end2end™ of the investment The decision making architecture (dma) runs top2bottom™ of the management Capability development is layered and tailored to the duties of the whole organisational hierarchy so that it is relevant2reality™ End2end™ – For the investor rather than the supplier […]