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#pm_ngt-006 2nd Principle – Delegate Goals + Escalate Contradictions

#pm_ngt-006 – Ask people about their problems with projects and most would cite “communications”. Clearly even if first generation project management contains the right toolset it isn’t appreciated by most people as adequate let alone an asset that ensures and amplifies success. Current ‘insight’ focuses on the mechanics of delegation with passing comment on the […]

What is #pm_ngt?

What is #pm_ngt #pm_ngt is ‘Project Management: New Generation Thinking’. It is the result of asking and answering “What would increase project management’s success rate?” A new generation of project management thinkers is all around us. #pm_ngt integrates their thinking triggered by the obvious failures of yesterday’s state-of-te-art when used today. #pm_ngt helps organizations improve the […]

3rd Edition PMI Program Management Guide Comments

Notification from PMI Regarding The Standard for Program Management—Third Edition Thank you for participating in The Standard for Program Management—Third Edition Exposure Draft process.  Below you will find a list of the recommendations that you have made and the committee’s decision for each of your recommendations. If you have any additional questions or comments you […]

Much of modern pm thinking is clumsy and lacks insight

Have you ever watched Joe Public on an ice rink? A few glide gracefully by while the majority wobble badly, grab each other in panicky moments of instability that cascade one wobble to all around them. I’ll re-ask that: when you observe how organisations execute the average change initiative would you describe the performance with […]