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Muses on the nature of projects: The Investor’s Fog

When a business embarks on change (rather than a ‘text-book’ definition of a project) it is common for many competing and contributing factors to be involved. Not all factors will be clearly defined, nor will all factors affect all participants. As a business concludes change it never arrives at a state of absolute stasis, there […]

#pm_ngt-018 Forms of Capital are human, intellectual…

#pm_ngt-018 Forms of capital are Culture, Procedures, Fixed Assets and Money. When capital interacts effectively we get benefits These four forms of capital in human endeavours could be re-described as human, intellectual, physical and financial. Human capital is an unattractive term because it sounds inhumane: it simply describes shared understanding and shared values about acceptable […]

#pm_ngt-015 projects are just a subset of the topic of interest

#pm_ngt-015 projects are just a subset of the topic of interest A project, as defined in most prevalent writings is a temporary endeavour whose purpose is the creation of deliverables. I say “writings” as these ideas are presented to support individuals sit exams that somehow ‘prove’ competence in managing projects. Mostly these examined individuals are collecting a […]