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#pm_ngt-011 & _012 A common sense approach to project based change

#pm_ngt-011 and pm_ngt-012 – Common sense is a counter-intuitive topic! I suggest that common sense is not “what everyone knows” but “what everyone readily agrees with when exposed to it”. Much of what we are happy to call ‘common sense’ is actually hard to discover and has to be actively passed from person-to-person to spread. […]

The real reason Earned Value is so valuable

Earned value is a topic that makes many roll their eyes in an expression of exasperation. Yesterday’s silver bullet. Like all powerful ideas that are picked-up by the ‘instant-fix-brigade’ they are more misunderstood and over claimed for than is appropriate. Use correctly it is unsurpassed as an indicator of status. My first claim against EV is that its expression of […]