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Direct, Manage, Supervise – How PMBoK, MSP, P2 & D4 integrate

Start At The Portfolio Organizations need a portfolio level investor’s mindset applied to their well being. There are differences between Direction, Management and Supervision that need to be clearly defined and executed if good governance is to prevail. Dynamic Equibrium All organization seek to be in profitable (socially rewarding) dynamic equilibrium – in this state all […]

MoSCoW a Scope Organiser

Many years ago someone introduced me to a handy scope organiser – The acronym ‘MoSCoW’ and then some time later I was pleased to see it in DSDM and now it appears in the PRINCE2® manual. Use Requires Understanding of the Insight – Not Glib Repetition BUT the key thing is to know how to […]

#pm_ngt-018 Forms of Capital are human, intellectual…

#pm_ngt-018 Forms of capital are Culture, Procedures, Fixed Assets and Money. When capital interacts effectively we get benefits These four forms of capital in human endeavours could be re-described as human, intellectual, physical and financial. Human capital is an unattractive term because it sounds inhumane: it simply describes shared understanding and shared values about acceptable […]

#pmngt-014 Everyone touched by business change can benefit from #pmngt

Change is almost universally unwelcome. People are so anti-change that they prefer to live with a known evil than pursue a potential future benefit! #pmngt provides techniques that addresses decision maker’s needs to explore possible futures and debate choices about those choices, it supports managers describe contradictory pressures that arise from business-as-usual and project imperatives […]