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PRINCE2Agile Foundation

PRINCE2agile® Foundation Certification

My thanks to @AXELOS for showcasing the experiences of our PRINCE2Agile (p2a) student’s success stories- So far our eLearning courses for P2A foundation and P2A-Practitioner have a 100% pass rate. AXELOS are sharing four of our student’s success stories. Two are now on AXELOS’ blog Shane’s and Clare’s. Two more to come in future weeks. Shane is […]

How to Delegate Work 101

Long ago I found being delegated to was often a confusing process. Later I found guidance in a number of sources on how to delegate clearly. It turned out that if you take the right factors into account it can be quite easy to delegate effectively (in my team’s opinions as well as mine!). It […]

Meetings, The Benefits of Shared Understanding and How To Achieve it!

Had any meetings recently? How would you score the meeting and your co-attendees out of 10? My own experience is that a ‘10 meeting’ needs clued-up, contributing, relevant people and a good process that travels the path from “Welcome” to “See you next time”. I recently met Kelvin McGrath of MeetingQuality at the 2017 #PMOConference. […]