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Mission Vision and Values

  This is an attempt at delivering the most ‘bang’ in the fewest words. There are a million and one ways to define Mission,  Values and Vision. Mostly M, V & V leave people disengaged, confused, un-helped; that’s a real travesty. A major failing because they are important CONCEPTs that align effort on achievement. Forget […]

Three Themes of A Gate Review

(Picture) A gate review is a PORTFOLIO concept where projects are required to demostrate that they are healty. Project health has three axis of measurement Commercial – which includes political and leadership or sponsorship – Right thing  and Quality as Fit for purpose  Control – which relates to management – Done right and Quality as […]

Cost is a useful proxy in some contexts, but mostly its misleading

When we start putting together a project we identify costs. Costs are a required input to the business case’s Cost Benefit Analysis. As we manage a project we record costs incurred. Costs incurred must be affordable and settled in a timely fashion BUT Nothing in incurring costs guarentees creation of value Nothing in incurring cost […]

The journey to benefits in one page – broader than the PMBoK or PRINCE2

Scope The scope of P2 and PMBoK are from well formed project definition to transition of deliverables. A marked contrast to the scope of benefits management: from nascent ill-formed idea competing with other demands on capital to steady future_state_business_as_usual (fs_bau). The longer journey to fs_bau includes the shorter. The operational manger’s tool kit needs tools suited to the whole […]

What do PRINCE2 & PMBoK Guide Give us?

PRINCE2 provides a control structure that channels delegation and escalation to the right people at the right time. P2 tells us what the right information is but not how to create that information. PMBoK provides tools and techniques that if used well in a timely fashion create the information that P2 tells us we need. […]