What is #pm_ngt?

What is #pm_ngt #pm_ngt is ‘Project Management: New Generation Thinking’. It is the result of asking and answering “What would increase project management’s success rate?” A new generation of project management thinkers is all around us. #pm_ngt integrates their thinking triggered by the obvious failures of yesterday’s state-of-te-art when used today. #pm_ngt helps organizations improve the […]

Comments on PMBoK 5th Edition

I and many others spent much time reviewing the 5th Edition of the PMBoK. 10,000 of increasingly defcocussed. faddish and repetitious opinion. Sadly the general resposnse is “rejected” often with the rather circular justification that the suggestion disagrees with the PMBoK’s accepted content. The idea that the comments are indication that the content is not […]

Gaining Competence Is Like A Bowl Of Soup

Simon’s Observations on Projects – SOOP: PRINCE2® and PMBoK® As A Bowl of Soup If you make vegetable soup then before the ingredients such as the carrots and tomatoes go into the pot they are clearly and discretely visible. Vegetable soup Once the soup is made its red colour is clear indication that there are tomatoes […]

Which Project Management Qualification? (in 300 words)

A View of Project Management Training & Qualifications (in 300 words) When choosing PM training days consider: 1) “what do you want to do that uses the results?” A job that is interesting, some challenge, plays to your competencies allows job mobility? 2) “What qualifications help?”  and 3) “Would I use any training budget allocated […]

3rd Edition PMI Program Management Guide Comments

Notification from PMI Regarding The Standard for Program Management—Third Edition Thank you for participating in The Standard for Program Management—Third Edition Exposure Draft process.  Below you will find a list of the recommendations that you have made and the committee’s decision for each of your recommendations. If you have any additional questions or comments you […]