The real reason Earned Value is so valuable

Earned value is a topic that makes many roll their eyes in an expression of exasperation. Yesterday’s silver bullet. Like all powerful ideas that are picked-up by the ‘instant-fix-brigade’ they are more misunderstood and over claimed for than is appropriate. Use correctly it is unsurpassed as an indicator of status. My first claim against EV is that its expression of […]

#pmngt socialises change and starts planning with backcasting

Summary in the #pm_ngt story so far #pm_ngt has three strands: start early by describing and delegating the end-state as a ‘future history’, ensure escalation is as well handled as delegation and care for the tramua caused by non-negotiable change. If this summary was too terse skip back to the July 2nd post and read onwards from […]

Components of #pm_ngt D4’s RE®s VDs and VF®s

#pm_ngt (project management New Generation  Thinking) is a pragmatic integration of the structure of P2 (extended) with (most of) the tools of D4 and the PMBoK Guide. This blog-post is the first of several that survey what is included in #pm_ngt and how the bits are integrated. (if P2 D4 etc aren’t familiar see previous week’s post) Basis […]

An Overview of #pm_ngt: The structure and content of New Generation Thinking

Simon Harris, principal of Logical Model Ltd gives a short overview of what #pm_ngt is. Context Lets start with the context for projects: #pm_ngt starts with the observation that an organisation is a collection of different types of interacting capital: The most important type is that collection of people’s shared behaviors and values and relationships referred to by the horrid and […]

What is #pm_ngt?

What is #pm_ngt #pm_ngt is ‘Project Management: New Generation Thinking’. It is the result of asking and answering “What would increase project management’s success rate?” A new generation of project management thinkers is all around us. #pm_ngt integrates their thinking triggered by the obvious failures of yesterday’s state-of-te-art when used today. #pm_ngt helps organizations improve the […]