The Tools and Techniques of Project Management

The Tools and Techniques of Project Management

What tools do you have in your tool bag? When faced with a problem the “right tool” aids sure and swift remedy, when faced with an opportunity the right tool helps sure and swift profit.

You Will Learn To

  • The purpose and application of a wide range of management models, tools, diagnosis aids and techniques.
  • Select the right tool for the job.
  • Combine tools for capitalising on local, situational opportunities (and resolving problems, avoiding threats).


  • Standard Full Course 2 Days
    0900 to 1630 formal class hours (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted), 1530 finish on last day.

Course Benefits
A survey of useful tricks, tips, tools & techniques for experience staff looking for things to add to their repertoire of responses to problems and opportunities.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in a management or functional role dealing with defining objectives and strategy, managing staff, organising resources, scoping, estimating, tracking, reporting, monitoring & measuring.
  • Anyone with an interest in Risk, Appraisal, Organisation, Change management, Management of Change.

Content & Workshops

  • Introduction, Overview & Logistics
  • Tools for ideas generation
  • People
  • Ranking models.
  • Planning & Performance
  • Measurement & Estimating

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