Benefits Driven Change For Outcome Delivery

Projects ARE NOT what the business wants, the business wants outcome. Project management thinking of the last 50 years has been dminated by supplier thinking. The result is that PM has slowly drifted to be less and less appropriate to many of the demands placed upon it.

Outcome Delivery reverses the trend and puts thinking back where it belongs: An organisation’s resources are limited, so you HAVE to think portfolio and Balanced ScoreCard. The organisation is subject to internal but more importantly external opportunity and pressure so CHANGE is ineviatable. A Change runs from stable Business As Usual through turmoil and back to stable BAU so program management which is a BUSINESS MANAGER’s accountability. A program embraces the evaluation of options, the development and implementation of change and the stabilization to deliver benefits.

Projects are a tactical and relatively ‘techie’ build and deliver outputs or deliverables chunk of work sandwhiched between selection of approach and exploitation of capability. These management activities fall under the Governance oversight that should be directing strategy to maintain and grow capital.

New Generation Thinking provides tools, techniques, mindest, framework and structure that covers three tiers: Direct, Manage, Deliver across Four timeframes: Define, Decide, Develop, Deliver, EXPLOIT.

Define and Decde are Leadership issues in strategy exploration and cascade. They have to link-up to program and project frameworks to translate Vision and Constraint (like required date & capital constraints) to Product Breakdown Structure Work Breakdown Structure, Schedule, Budget and other ‘techie engineering’ minsets. A Full governance toolkit supports the psychological, emotional and financial aspects from idea to steady state benefits flow

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