Business Case Master-Class

Business Case Master-Class

Making best use of the organisations limited resources is management’s raison-d’être. The request for commitment of resources is normally based on a business case template. Insightful creation of Business Cases and their subsequent assessment is a competitive must-have for the business as a whole and a key skill for involved managers.

In The Business Case Master-Class You Will Learn To

  • Assess and reject or accept and commit to a business case.
  • Produce complete, well structured cases for presentation & approval.
  • Develop well balanced justifications using best practices within a structured 6 step process.
  • Gather, analyse and organise inputs to the Business Case development process.
  • Implement appraisal techniques for financial, commercial and strategic evaluation of any Business Cases.
  • Create excellence in the Business cases assessment process leading to authorisation, amendment or rejection.
  • Employ best-practices in post-change benefits harvesting.


  • Management Overview  –  1/2 Day
  • Full course – 3 Days
    0900 to 1630 formal class hours (1630 onward informal/ optional time for discussion of “topics raised on the day” and demonstration of relevant software tools if wanted), 1530 finish on last day.

Course Benefits
Preparation of sound business cases is a fundamental input to sound selection of the right projects. Right projects are fundamental to correctly charting the strategic direction of the business.

This course teaches you everything required to gather, assemble and present the business case plus everything you need to review the submissions in an approvals forum.

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers and Business Analysts charged with authoring project justification documents.Finance, Audit and Governance staff involved in the preparation, review or approval of benefits cases.
  • Project Sponsors and Owners commissioning, overseeing and depending upon excellence in business case use.
  • Project staff and post-project staff using the business case.


  • Introductions and Logistics
    Back@Work Exercise: Introductions and “your business case for being here today”.
  • Concepts
    Producing a Business Case for successful approval, Back@Work Exercise: What do we already know about “business cases”, What is the purpose of the business case, What is the minimal and maximal content of a BC, Back@Work Exercise What are the typical problems that must be overcome to consistently create great business cases? – Issues the BC development process must address.
  • Producing a Business Case for successful approval A structured 6 step process The 6 steps
  • Knowing the end point of the business change
  • Gather data that supports and denies justification
  • Analyse data for strategic, political, financial, commercial and emotional significance
  • Structuring and presenting the BC to decision makers
  • Using the BC to guide and direct change
  • Post change: Harvesting the benefits